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1. The Howling Commandos. From left to right: Pvt. James Morita, Sgt. James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes, Cpl. Timothy Alyosius “Dum Dum” Dugan, Cpl. Jacques “Frenchie” Dernier, Lt. James Montgomery Falsworth, Pvt. Gabriel “Gabe” Jones (Italy, November 1943).
2. Cpt. Steven Grant Rogers and Sgt. James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes of the Howling Commandos (Poland, February 1944).
3. Cpt. Rogers leading a group of POWs freed from a HYDRA labor camp (Italy, November 1943).
4. Sgt. James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes (Italy, November 1943).


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AU - Sam, You Nerd

└ Most people walk past the TARDIS without a second glance but Sam isn’t ‘most people’.

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Why is this not real yet?!!? SERIOUSLY?!?!

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is it permanent?

No but hold on. I know this moment tended to get laughs because of the nature of the dialogue and the timing, etc. but can we stop and think for one second that perhaps this might’ve actually been fucking with Bucky’s head in that moment? 

Remember the look on Bucky’s face when he first registered that it was Steve standing over him? It was a faraway stare and a disbelieving smile; Bucky looked more like he was seeing some sort of angel than his friend who’d come to rescue him. In that moment, Bucky probably equated the two to be one in the same, namely because he still didn’t fully believe that Steve was actually there to save him. Bucky had been getting experimented on and tortured - how many times do you think that he hallucinated and saw things (of which, Steve was probably one of them) while strapped to that slab? How many times do you think he dreamed of getting rescued, or imagined seeing things along those same lines, only to quickly remember where he was and that there was no hope of him leaving the Hell he was now living in. 

So then Steve really does show up, and all Bucky sees of him is his face at first. Yeah, maybe it’s filled out a bit more but Steve’s face is still mostly the same. When Bucky smiles and says, “S-Steve…” he most likely isn’t even aware that it’s actually Steve standing there - that it’s actually real life. It’s just another hallucination, it’s not real… But then Steve unstraps him and helps him up, and is this real? This feels real… But it can’t be… I’m going to die here…

Except now he’s standing, getting the first proper footing he’s probably had in days (maybe weeks), and now he’s looking to Steve properly for the first time and he has to look up. Steve’s broad and tall and this isn’t the kid he left back in Brooklyn, what is going on…

But he looks like Steve and he sounds like Steve, and he’s touching and talking to Bucky as though he were Steve, and he’s saying something about thinking that Bucky was dead? Maybe he is dead… because this isn’t the Steve Rogers I left, he didn’t look like this, how is this even possible…

"I thought you were smaller."

And you can’t help but wonder if that wasn’t just a well-timed quip in retaliation to Steve’s comment - and it’s certainly far more serious than just a simple, funny observation. “Oh, haha, golly Steve, you weren’t this size the last time I saw you - I thought you were smaller." It’s an actual admission that’s Bucky taking into question everything he thought he knew and once again no longer being sure of what’s real and what isn’t. Because when he’d first seen Steve’s face, he’d thought it’d been a figment of his mind. But then when he was helped to his feet, the fog in his head cleared just a bit, and it seemed like maybe it could be plausible - somehow Steve’s here and he’s getting me out of here, I’m not going to die…

Only to take one look at him and no, this isn’t right; this isn’t what I remember. And Bucky’s right back to square one - unable to tell fact from fiction and no longer positive anymore as to whether this is really happening. And that makes the look in his eyes when he meets Steve’s face again even more painful, because it’s that exact same faraway look he gave him when he first uttered his name with that vacant smile…

Like Steve is here, but Bucky can’t trust it to be true.

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“The best thing about being Loki is that he is my diametric opposite. Physically, he is a photo negative of who I am. Loki is dark and pale, and I am light and fair. Also spiritually I am not much like him either. Yet I feel an incredible freedom in playing him.” Tom Hiddleston.

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